Student Auto Insurance: What You Can Do to Bring Down Your Rates

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Students are usually entitled to various discounts in various industries. In the car insurance industries, the same gracious rule applies. Actually student auto insurance tends to be more expensive, since auto insurance providers frown upon young and inexperienced drivers. But since this cannot be avoided, what they do is simply raise the costs of student auto insurance.

But there are many ways to bring down your rates. All you have to do is take advantage of these tips to get student auto insurance that’s within what you can manage.

  • Do well in school

This may sound like an advice from a guidance counsellor telling a student to study hard in preparation for a bright future. But doing well in school is not as cliché as it sounds since this advice, in fact, brings actual benefits, one of which is cheaper student auto insurance.

Students who do well in school do not automatically get cheaper rates, but if you ask for discounts and present credentials that support your claim then some car insurance companies may be willing to provide such discounts. Take note, though, that not all companies would make the offer, so being aware that these discounts are given can help you get better rates since you’d know what discounts to ask for.

A GPA of 3.0 or higher, an average grade of B or higher, and a place on the top 20% of the class or on the Dean’s List are usually what car insurance companies are looking for.

  • Count your mileage

As a student, in the midst of counting your grades or solving math problems in class, take time to count your mileage. This can go a long way in bringing down the rates of your student auto insurance. If you live near your school campus and you don’t have to drive long, your low mileage record can get you low mileage discounts from select car insurance providers.

Unfortunately, the discount is not available to a lot of students who live far from campus. There is one option, however, for these students. If you live far from school, finding someone to carpool with can also help you generate some savings on your student auto insurance cost.

  • Keep your driving record clean

As a student driver, your driving reputation is always under watchful eyes. It is important to keep your driving record clean as this will have a huge bearing on your student auto insurance rates. Students, or young drivers in general, are notorious for various negative driving habits such as drunk driving, reckless driving, and over speeding. If you have any of these, especially a DUI charge, on your driving record, this can send your student auto insurance rates soaring high.

  • Ask your parents if you can ride on their insurance policy

Adding your car to an existing car insurance policy such as your parents’ can generally reduce the costs of student auto insurance. Ask your parents if you can put your car into their insurance policy. However, this will depend on how insurance providers handle such set ups. Sometimes, you can still get better deals by getting a separate insurance policy. But this is something worth checking out just in case your insurance provider offers such a discount.

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