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Teenage drivers are often the target of expensive car insurance policies. Teenage drivers are not the best drivers in the world. They have higher risks of getting into vehicle mishaps, and thus account for greater car insurance needs.

But if you have a teenage son or daughter who has just gotten a new car, don’t resign yourself to paying expensive car insurance. There are many ways through which you can obtain cheap auto insurance for teens.

Cheap auto insurance for teens, though possible, is not easy. It takes a bit of extra effort and resourcefulness. Since your teenage driver will still need all the coverage he or she can get so that you will be completely protected, you need to be careful in comparing the price and quality of insurance policies for teens. Here are some tips on how to obtain cheap auto insurance for teens without sacrificing the quality and coverage of car insurance.

Enroll your teenage driver into a driving class

One of the best ways to bring down the costs of teenage car insurance is to enroll the teenage driver in question into a driving class. You can choose from defensive driving classes offered by high schools or community schools in your area, actual driving classes from special driving schools, or special safety classes for teen drivers. These classes will help make your teenage driver more aware of safety driving concerns and become a more responsible driver.

Car insurance companies provide discounts for teen drivers who have some of these driving classes on their record.

Educate your teenage driver

As a parent, it is also your responsibility to educate your teenage son or daughter on responsible driving. Not because you’ve enrolled your kid into a driving class means you can skip out on the responsibility. You should still take the time and effort to sit down with your kid and give a few tips and advice.

What should you talk about? Don’t forget to remind your teenage driver that a good driving record is very valuable. Tell them to avoid getting traffic tickets and how they can prevent accidents. Talk to them about the dangers of reckless driving and speeding. Tell them to wear their seatbelts at all times. Your time and effort to tell them these might just be what gets them home safely. And as an added benefit, your kid’s clean driving record can help you get cheap auto insurance for teens.

Get special discounts for students

Car insurance companies also offer special discounts for students. Most car insurance companies offer cheap auto insurance for teens who get good grades in school. Special student honors can also bring auto insurance rates for teens even lower. This is because getting good grades in school reflects on how responsible the student is in general, and this can have quite a bearing on how he or she will take responsibility as a driver.

Add your teen driver to an existing policy

Some people also get cheap auto insurance for teens by simply adding the teenage driver to an existing car insurance policy. Depending on the insurance company you work with, you can get up to a 15% discount on the teenage policy if you do this.

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